Old Nintendo consoles.

What it says on the tin.

I think my fixation on them started on march of 2023 when it was annouced that the 3ds eshop would be closing.

...I didn't get a 3ds then though, i don't kick myself for that at least...

Instead i got a 3ds for my birthday, which was after the eshops closure...

A few months after...

I also got a used copy of pokemon platnium for my birthday aswell.

It was about 180 something dollars...


I also modded my 3ds so i could... *ahem*

Sail the seven seas!!! YARGG!!!... *cough*

Now i am legally required to tell you to NEVER! Under any circumstances EVER!! "Sail the seven seas", EVER!!!

Anyway, i also got a dsi for christmas of 2023.

I got that modded too.

Heres an image of them:

A New 3ds xl, and a dsi. The New 3ds xl is on the left, is black, and has a reshiram sticker on it. The dsi is on the right, is white, and has no visible sticker on it.

Eventually, i plan on getting the following:

Along with some flashcards to use with the ds lite and gba sp.

Perhaps i'll get them this year, who knows?