The collection

my collection of buttons, blinkies, stamps, webcharms, gifs, et cetera.

Buttons with links.

Dami Falasteeni neocities sadgirl online 99gif shop The Steam storefront. Steam page for Yume Nikki A.N. lucas's web lounge firefox download the onion notepad++ my tumblr, tsfmtsu., the website you're on right now.

Buttons without links.

'delete tiktok'


'i give no fucks.' 'install ublock origin'


spamton getting drenched in milk. 'really not feelin up to it right now. sorry.'


A bear coming out of a convienence store, showing you a bottle of cola, then leaving to the right.

Web badges.

'blog lurker'


two deer with a red heart inbetween them, on a blue bar that fades into purple at the middle.


mew sitting, facing to your right. an ipod spinning back and forth on it's corner.